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Okamoto Otaki Shrine 2014.04.09


 This is where I guide visitors first when they come into the village, the shrine where the local people worship the Paper Goddess.

It was built in 1843 by special carpentors who were good at building temples and shrines. I've seen the real design sketch on a sheet of paper before. It's a very simple drawing. Surprise to see how much they could do from it. Now people use computers and 3G designs, but I always admire the quality of old buildings.

It was originally opened as a temple in 719, so just next to the shrine, there is a Buddhism part located inside of the area. 

I'm very much pround of living next to this shrine. One of the artists who visited me said I am protected by the temple. He was a well-known artist in NY but he seemed to have felt something from this....


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Rina Aoki

Guide "Rina Aoki"

I have been working for this paper village since 2000. I love the people here and would like to support their business by trying to introduce Echizen Washi to overseas.