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Paper Friends

Let me introduce you to the people that I have met through our passion for paper.

1.Viviane Fontaine ( Switzerland )


I have been working with paper for 33 years and still continue my experiences with all kinds of fibres. What the first thing paper attracted me was the transformation of one raw material into another. It fascinated me.

I mainly use transparency, playing with light through the fibres. Art exist for me because it is part of my moving in Life.


Many exhibitions since 1988 :

Personal exhibitions : Switzerland,( Geneva, Bern, Fribourg,Neuchâtel,Zürich) Germany (Frankfurt ) Japan (Tokyo).

I have been invited to participate for exhibitions in :

Poland ( Lodz), France ( Paris), Australia ( Sydney), Holland ( Amsterdam),Spanien, Germany (Karlsruhe, Münich, Hamburg), Corea ( Jeonju Deokjin), Israel , England ( London) , Italy( Como).

Prizes :

Price Lissignol (Geneva 1977)
Fonds cantonal de décoration ( Geneva :1986-1990-1993-1997)
Bank de Fribourg ( 1992-1996)
Bank :Crédit Suisse à Fribourg ( 1993)
Commission culturelle (Fribourg 1996)
Musée (Gernmany :1996)
Botanic Garden( Fribourg :1999)
Electric Entreprises ( Fribourg :2002)

Workshops in Japan :

Jan-febr-2005, in Niigata and Imadate.

Web site


2.Teibido ( Yoshiko Hashizume ) ( Japan )


Born in Fukuoka, Japan.
Have been working the printing arts for 13 years.
The Echizen Japanese paper makes my work more attractive.
I love Echizen Paper!



2003:M.F.A, from Central Academy of Fine Arts, China (CAFA), Prints Making Arts.
1999:Advanced courses in Chinese Folk Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China.


2009 Work “Beng Beng Che” was housed in Sakima Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan
2008 Work “Beng Beng Che” was housed in Sakima Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan
Submitted to Chinese&Japanese arts exchange exhibition in Beijing, China
2007 Submitted to International Print Biennial in Guan Lan, China
Submitted to Prints Tokyo Exhibition 2007, Tokyo, Japan
2006 The wall painting of Gates (shopping mall), Fukuoka -Japan
2005-08 Graphic design thinking and performance in Zhongmei Teaching Studio.
2005 Illustration of “Pleasure Bird Series”
2004 Illustration of “Aesop allegory” (San lian Bookstore, Hong Kong)
2003 Submitted to Graduate Excellent Work Exhibition, CAFA, China

*Teibido Studio( Yoshiko Hashizume )*


3.Jo Woffinden

Jo's exhibition at Udatsu

Between 2006-2009 I operated a studio in Tsuruga, Fukui prefecture creating ceramics inspired by my experiences in Japan. My curiosity of traditional items such as ‘shoji’ sliding paper doors and ‘byoubu’ folding screens and the folding of paper ‘gohei’ , ‘omikuji’ and ‘origami’ influenced my work. I found the layers and folds within Noh costumes, kimono and packaging mysterious and enticing and tried to capture similar feelings within the work I created.

I combined paper pulp from Imadate with Shigaraki clay to make my work. The addition of paper fibres strengthens the clay’s structure and enables it to be worked thin, like paper.
I also experimented with mixing kozo (the tree roots used to make Echizen washi paper) with liquid porcelain and used Echizen washi for sketches and paper models.

In September 2009 I had a solo ceramics exhibition at Udatsu Museum, called ‘Folding Shadows’. For this exhibition I transformed the Museum’s Edo period tatami room into a contemporary art space.
The strength of the natural light entering the room was softened through shoji paper doors. The changing of light throughout the day instilled different effects on my work and enabled me to discover more about my ceramic objects.
It was rewarding to see visitors engage with my work in the museum and I enjoyed teaching contemporary paper clay techniques during workshops.



1998 - 2001:BA (Hons) Ceramics, Staffordshire University, UK
1999:University of Kansas, USA

2.Professional Employment/Experience:

08-11 2009 Udatsu Museum, Echizen City, Fukui, Japan, Paper Clay Workshop Lecturer
2006-2009 Operating a ceramic studio in Tsuruga, Fukui, Japan
2006-2009 Miyazaki, Echizen City, Fukui, Japan, Noborigama Wood Kiln Assistant
2005 & 2008 Shigaraki Ceramics Cultural Park, Shiga, Japan, Studio Artist
2003 – 2006 Suffolk, West Yorkshire, UK, Artist In Residence
2001 Ardmore Ceramic Art Studio, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, Studio Artist


01/10 – 05/10 ‘Elit-Tile’ International Ceramic Tile Triennial, The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic
10/09 ‘Strata’, solo show, Gallery Art Concept, Kanazawa, Japan
09/09 ‘Folding Shadows’, solo show, Udatsu Craft Museum, Echizen City, Japan
07/09 ‘Strata’, solo show, Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Japan
04/09-06/09 ‘Unique ’, The Ceramic Art Centre, Miyazaki, Echizen City, Japan
08/08 – 09/08 ‘International Ceramics Competition Mino’, The Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Gifu, Japan
06/08–12/08 ‘Boundless’, 2008 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, Museum of Modern Ceramics, Yingge, Taiwan
02/06 - 07/06 ‘Made in Japan’, solo exhibition, Ackworth Gallery, West Yorkshire, UK
11/04 – 01/05 ‘Open Art 2005’, 20:21 Visual Arts Centre, North Lincolnshire, UK
07/01 ‘New Designers’, The Business Design Centre, London, UK
02/01 ‘Ceramic Showcase’, The Potteries Museum, Hanley, Staffordshire, UK


04/09 Special Judges Award, ‘Unique’ exhibition, Echizen City, Japan
08/08 Special Judges Award, 8th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan
07/08 Finalist Prize, 2008 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale ‘Boundless’, Taiwan
05/05 Artist’s Grant Award, The Arts Council of England, UK
12/04 Paul Gordon Group Award, 20:21 Visual Arts Centre, North Lincolnshire, UK


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