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Rina Aoki

Rina Aoki

I speak three languages; English, Chinese and Japanese. And I love nature and do art works. I began mountain climbing in China and Nepal to paint pictures with black ink and often go to the mountains in Japan.

When I was in my twenties, I didn't know which field I should focus on to go for my future. But here I seem to be able to make all of my talent useful to live with Echizen Washi. I work hard for our paper every day, but also I do enjoy my life a lot with the beautiful nature and lovely people here.


2010 Decorated a local train with Sakura designed Washi
2009-present Washi workshops with ALTs in Fukui
2008 Art exhibitions with wood cut printings and water color pictures in collaboration with a Japanese and an American artist, Udatsu Museum, Echizen, Japan.
2007 Wood cut printing art exhibition, Fukui, Japan.
Visited paper mills in Anhui, China.
2006, June/July Participated and assisted in the handmade paper workshops organized by Viviane Fontaine in Switzerland and Italy
2004-2005 English and Chinese interpreter, Yagi, Ltd.
2004 Paper with lights exhibition, Udatsu Paper & Craft Museum
2003 Visited the other paper mills in Mino, Tosa, and Kurotani, Japan.
2000-present A papermaker and salesperson, Jiyomon Papermaker, Echizen, Japan.
1999-2000 Major in mountain sceneries with studies in Chinese brush ink art, Central Academy of Fine Arts ( CAFA ), Beijing, China. Joined an international Kendo club.
1998-1999 English instructor at Ability Development Center, Fukui, Japan.
Traveling for three months alone in USA, Germany and Europe.
1998 Graduated from Osaka University of Foreign Studies with a major in Chinese.
1996-1997 Major in Fine Art with studies in Chinese brush ink art, Hangzhou Teachers College, Hangzhou, China.


Echizen Washi Village

This is the official site of the Echizen Washi Village. We would like to try to introduce Japanese Paper "Echizen Washi" as an attractive culuture to overseas.

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